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About the new location to serve you Esenler Industrial Site.

Conveyor systems and conveyor equipment suspended production since the 2001 SMS machine in Istanbul Gunesli work starts and is continued in Ikitelli Esenler Ikitelli OSB plant in the new industrial site will continue. New place with an area of 450 square meters which will combine the manufacturing company, the machine also maintains investments. Turkey experienced a period of crisis in the company in difficult circumstances have been installed since then he has continued to grow describes the progress and the SMS Machine Chain Conveyors San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. General Manager Serkan BAŞ, suspended production of the said conveyor equipment. Moved to a new facility that is collected under one roof PER recording, has said in the year in modernization investments. "Despite the stagnation of the market, R & D efforts and are doing their work in the direction of our renewal" said the PER, the machines are increasing tonnage, said the new computerized machines are switching.

Foreign companies also produce spare parts

Companies such as the automotive industry, the automotive, white goods industry, home and, to the kombina, leather industry, furniture and accessories that appeal to sectors such as the PER transferred their production as well as some European products in the manufacturing of spare parts that are specified. In this regard, the German and Italian firms and the companies they work with the conveyor of the spare parts are manufactured söyleyen PER, as a company, even if small amounts of Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Russia, exports to Azerbaijan are made. PER, medium-term target to meet the need for conveyors available in Europe by European companies have said they want to do production.

Would not compete with Europe

On the front of the sector within a sector that emphasize PER European goods to compete with high rates was remarkable. Be in a good position in terms of quality, especially underlines the Serkan PER, the problems they are experiencing economic and political means as the unstable environment, the less the number of trained staff and showed the lack of state support.
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